XTRA provides you with various platforms to track your usage, manage your line and add/change services. Simply use one of the below commands:

Send “XTRA” to 144

Dial *144#

Call 144

Commands to remember

  • Recharge Dial *141*(PIN code)# or Call 144
  • Balance inquiry Dial *142# or Call 144
  • Service menu Dial *144# or send SMS with “XTRA” to 144
  • Subscribe to KD 3 with 2 GB and 50 local minutes Send “T2” to 144
  • Subscribe to KD 2 – 500 MB Send “T3” to 144
  • Subscribe to Unlimited on-net add-on Send “31” to 144
  • Subscribe to Daily booster Send “33” to 144
  • Extra 50 GB Send “40” to 144
  • Check XTRA data usage Send “21” to 144
  • Credit transfer Send SMS “T [Recipient #] [Amount]” to 99998
Terms and conditions apply
For Further details, contact us on 144


  • Where can I buy an XTRA SIM?

    XTRA SIM cards can be found in local mobile shops, malls, hypermarkets, and co-ops.

  • How can I recharge my XTRA line?

    You can recharge your line using XTRA recharge card or by calling 144 and using your credit card.

  • What are the available denominations for recharges?

    XTRA recharge cards come with the below denominations:

      – KD 1 valid for 7 days

      – KD 1.5 valid for 10 days

      – KD 3 valid for 15 days

      – KD 5 valid for 30 days

      – KD 10 valid for 90 days

      – KD 20 valid for 180 days

      – KD 25 valid for 365 days

  • How can I add the XTRA Internet service?

    1.Send an SMS to 144 with the code of you plan as below:

        – Send “T2” for the KD3 with 2 GB and 50 local minutes plan

        – Send “T3” for the KD 2 – 500 MB plan

    2.Call 144 and follow the instructions of the IVR

    3.Dial *144# and follow the instructions

  • Can I change my data plan before the end of the 30 days cycle?

    Yes, you can change your data plan anytime during the cycle, however you will lose all your remaining data capacity and you will lose any active add-ons that you have

  • What will happen if I finish my internet capacity?

    If you reach your internet capacity, you will be able to continue using the free social media apps. If you want to use other applications or websites, you will need to buy a new XTRA Internet plan or get the KD 5 Extra 50 GB add-on

  • How can I add the XTRA add-on service?

    To purchase an add-on please make sure you have an active data plan and then select one of the following:

      – For the Unlimited Local on-net send “31” to 144

      – For Unlimited Streaming send “32” to 144

      – For the Daily Booster send “33” to 144

      – For the Extra 50 GBs send “40” to 144


  • ​ How long are XTRA add-ons valid for?

    The Unlimited Zain to Zain and Unlimited Streaming add-ons expire when the data plan expires, irrespective of the day the add-on was purchased.

    The Daily Booster add-on expires after 24 hours, irrespective of the expiry date of the data plan.

  • Will my XTRA add-ons renew automatically when my internet plan gets renewed?

    Yes, your add-ons will get renewed automatically when your internet plan gets renewed, however please ensure you have enough credit in your balance.

  • My internet is disconnected, why did I get disconnected?

    If your internet is disconnected, it means that you may have consumed all your internet capacity. To get reconnected, renew your XTRA internet plan.

  • How can I contact XTRA customer care?

    Call us at 144.

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